Lord I : The Records Keeper

Duration: 15:20m / A hand-drawn film by Lori Damiano


Lord I : The Records Keeper is a story of a distracted yet devoted archivist who is called to travel to the Kingdom of They to make records of the happenings in that troubled tangled realm.  Along the way, she becomes suspicious that something is lacking in her observations.  A sudden storm of activity separates her from her record keeping tools.  This change leads Lord I to discover a depth of experience that she had been missing. 

Filmmaker’s Statement:

Lord I: The Records Keeper was created as my thesis film in the Experimental Animation Program at the California Institute of the Arts.  The story was conceived after attending my first Vipassana Meditation course.  Vipassana is translated as “Seeing things as they really are”.  I left that course profoundly energized at discovering how much the perception of my surroundings, experiences, and interactions with others was being polluted by my own mental chatter.  I was very excited to try and explore a way of visualizing this chatter in an animation in an attempt to help others become conscious of, and able to work towards dismissing their own self-perpetuated mental barriers. 

Additionally, at the time I began this film I was living in a canyon surrounded by wilderness.  I started a self-driven naturalist training program wherein the student determines a sit-spot near their home to practice stillness and observe their environment for an hour every day.  I was delighted to discover that if one sits in stillness and silence in nature for about ten minutes, a hidden world of activity emerges as the birds resume their songs and the wildlife no longer detect you as a threat.  Without practicing awareness, I would have not have been able to access the density of activity and beauty that was all around me.  I learned to relish the subtle sensory treasures that could be encountered when I actively shifted my focus in this way.  Exploring these two practices of stillness led me to sustain an ongoing sense of wonderment and compassion that I previously hadn’t known.   This film is an attempt at sharing these findings. 

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Screenings & Awards



Gridlords – Hollywood Theater, Portland, OR

Time Farmers – Art Queen, Joshua Tree, CA

Time Farmers – Cinefamily, Los Angeles, CA

GIRAF – Quickdraw Animation Society – Calgary, Alberta


Slamdance Film Festival  – Park City, UT, USA

Black Maria Film Festival – Jury’s Stellar Award in Animation

Time Farmers – Studio Current, Seattle, WA, USA

Tricky Women Film Festival – Vienna, Austria

Athens Film Festival - Athens, OH, USA - Third Place Award in Animation

High Desert Film Festival – Pahrump, NV, USA

Maryland Film Festival – Baltimore, MD, USA

Experimental Film Festival Portland – Portland, OR, USA

Time Farmers: Institute of Contemporary Art- Philadelphia, PA

Time Farmers: Quickdraw Animation Society – Calgary, AB, Canada

Festival Silhouette – Paris, France  - Young Jury's Award


Film Credits:

Writer / Director / Animator: Lori Damiano

Sound Designer: Ryder McNair

Composer: Jonn Ollsin

 4D Sage & Lord I Tutelary: Stefan Gruber

Additional Compositing & Support From: Randy Wakerlin

Codec Counselor: Sean Buckelew

 11th Hour Upsizing Intern Squadron: Erik Hoofnagle, Melissa DiMartino, Maddie Loftesnes, Courtney Stephenson-Richman, Sasha Shotzko-Harris

11th Hour Animation Scanners: Jeff Proctor & Ashley Rehfeld

Special Thanks To My Mentor: Paul Demeyer

 Brought To You In Part ByL The Helen Hill Animated Movie Fund



Lady Secrets

Episode 1

Synopsis: A hand-painted portrait of one construction flagger’s daydream

I was commissioned by Kevin Sukho Lee of Animation Breakdown to create a new short film to premiere at the Free For All program in the Animation Breakdown Festival at Cinefamily in Hollywood, CA on November 20, 2014.

I worked on this film in Portland, Oregon and as an Animator-in-residence at the Quickdraw Animation Society in Calgary, Alberta. This film was animated in stop-motion with gouache painted paper cutouts and some After Effects compositing.

Film Credits

Film by: Lori D.

Music by: Arjan Miranda

Voices by: Faye Jaime & Zach Erickson

Additional art & animation assistance by: Zach Erickson


See See Motorcycles

Babes in the Dirt promo

I created the animated promo for See See Motorcycles to use to promote their Mini-Bike Races at Babes Ride Out event Babes in the Dirt III. I had no part in the making of the below video about Babes In The Dirt 2. I am just sharing it below to help promote the event and for context.


Hubba Bubba

An Animated Portrait of a Stranger

I think of this as an animated documentary, or a memory transfer.


Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 10.33.48 PM.png

The Work of Director Spike Jonze DVD

Palm Pictures

I animated Spike's sketches for the DVD menu animation.


Logo Design & Animation

I was approached by Academy Award winning director Davis Guggenheim to create and animate a logo for his production company Little Room.  I later adapted the design to be used as signage on his studio in Venice, CA.


Dear & Yonder

Daring stories of ladies united by the sea

I animated Nathaniel Russell's beautiful watercolor paintings to create this title sequence for Dear & Yonder, a film by Tiffany Morgan Campbell & Andria Lessler.

I also created this animated logo for Roxy, the title sponsor of Dear & Yonder.

Dear and Yonder follows top professionals including Roxy team riders Sally Fitzgibbons, Sofia Mulanovich and Kassia Meador, as they surf their home breaks (Dear) and travel the world (Yonder). In addition to chronicling today’s surfers, Dear and Yonder spreads its roots deeper and cultivates a sense of place and knowledge of history, reaching back in time to unearth footage of iconic surfers such as Linda Benson, Rell Sunn and Lisa Andersen providing the historical foundation of women’s surfing for the younger viewer.

Landscape Altered

By Kai Neville

I created the animated title sequence and inter-titles for this web series for Kustom Airstrike featuring surfers Mitch Coleborn, Clay Marzo, Jay Davies, Josh Kerr and Chippa Wilson.


Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 2.38.14 PM.png

Health Care Is A Human Right

by The Tommy Douglas Quartet

My friend Paul Gailiunas invited me to make some animation for this music video he created for Gothtober 2013.  *I cannot take credit for all of the beautiful found vintage scientific animation in this though I'm afraid!

The Gothtober Countdown Calendar is an annual curated time-release flash-based online museum of 31 works fo art by 31 different contributors.  This "Irreverent Grotesquerie of the Season" (as quoted by Cindey Widner in the Austin Chronicle) started in 2001 as some sort of self-imposed insanity by Julianna [JP] Parr.


Song written and performed by Paul Gailiunas

Video by Paul Gailiunas 

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 11.25.46 PM.png

Notebook Confessions

Anti-Bullying Campaign

Activity TV / Comcast

Director: Ted Passon

Music by: Jeffrey Lewis

Character Design & Animation: Lori Damiano