Poler Laguna Beach Flagship Store Murals & Handpainted Signs

Laguna Beach, CA

Poler opened a beautiful new flagship store in Laguna Beach in what was formerly a local nursery.  I was commissioned to paint two murals in the old greenhouse.  The Beach mural is in Poler's new multi-purpose space and the Starry Night mural is a backdrop for the Poler Tent "showroom".  Zach Erickson assisted me on painting the Beach mural for which I give supreme and everlasting thanks! I also was commissioned to make several hand-painted signs (see below).  This was such a fun project and I'm honored to have contributed to Poler's new space.  Thanks to everybody in Laguna Beach that looked after me while I was working on these.

Starry Night Mural

Beach Mural Details


Handpainted Signs