The Skateboard Mag

The Learnings of - Monthly Column

Editor: Kevin Wilkins / Art Director: Ako Jefferson

For many years I had a monthly column called "The Learnings of" in The Skateboard Mag.  For each issue, I would recruit a professional or amateur skateboarder or figure from the skateboarding community to write instructions, advice, a recipe, or to tell a story of some kind.  I created these illustrations to support whatever information they chose to share.  Many of these paintings were later exhibited in a solo show in the Commonwealth Gallery in Portland, Oregon and some are currently on view at the Contemporary Art Museum Plainview in Plainview Texas.


Vol. 15 No. 38 February 4-10, 2015


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This drawing was also made into a small run of t-shirts which were sold at Upper Playground PDX.  They are still for sale HERE.



BRAD TRIP cover art

A Free Comic Book Day comic, printed by Portland small presses and featuring Portland artists: Aiden Koch, Annie Murphy, Maria Sputnik and Constance Hockaday, Kinoko, Virginia Paine, Dunja Jankovic, Lori D. and Brenna Murphy. Made with glamorous newsprint!  

(24 interior pages; 6.5" x 10.25"; B&W with color cover; Sparkplug Books, Revival House Press, Floating World Comics and Teenage Dinosaur)


YETI Issue 9 cover art

Skateboard Canada Magazine - Illustration for Photo Blogger Article

Surfing Magazine
Illustration for Art Page
Board Shapers Article


Girl Skateboards

Rick McCrank x Lori D. (RED) collaboration


OG Board Series

Toy Machine Skateboard Co.

Board Series


Bonnie Prince Billy

I was ferociously honored to be invited by Will Oldham to paint the frontispiece for this collection of his lyrics “Songs of Love and Horror”. This book was published in 2019 by W.W. Norton & Co. I also created the artwork that appears on the back cover of the album by the same name. The album is available for purchase HERE.

Songs of Love and Horror Frontispiece

Cold + Wet

Drag City Records

Album Art - Front & Back Covers

Hand Lettering by Will Oldham

Lie Down In The Light

Drag City Records

Poster Art 

Hand lettering by Will Oldham

The Letting Go

Poster & Tour T-Shirt

Poster printed by Tiny Pine Press

Ask Forgiveness

Drag City Records

I created the CD / record artwork and the ornamental border for the EP cover.  The portrait of BPB was done by Tim Still.  Hand lettering and Art Direction by Will Oldham.

I also drew the image on the EP promo poster.  Hand lettering by Will Oldham.



The New Yorker

(Unpublished) Illustration for Critic's Review of Sam Shepard's play Heartless   

I was commissioned to create this illustration but in the end it was decided that a photo should accompany the review instead.  So I was left with this very specific painting hanging around my studio.  I decided to mail it to the Director of the play, Daniel Aukin.  I didn't know how to get it to him so I just mailed it right to the theater where they were performing the play, feeling fairly uncertain it would actually make it to him.  But it did make it!  He wrote a very kind note to thank me when he received it.  He said it was delivered to him during the gathering of the Heartless team following their closing performance and so he was able to share it with everybody.


POLER Poster Series

18" x 14" / Set of 4

In stock at


Fall 2016

Poler Camping Food Pyramid

Poler Zilla Graphic

Poler Patterns

Click HERE to view the pattern collection


Normal School Literary Magazine

Volume 3, Issue 1

Cover & Spot Illustrations


Illustrated Farm Journal

Full Plate Farm - Ridgefield, Washington

Full Plate Farmers, Danny Percich & Michelle Swinehart launched an exciting project during their 2013/14 winter CSA season called 'FARM SEEKS ARTIST'.  Michelle had the idea to invite artists to engage with the farm and CSA.  This could take place at the farm or CSA drop sites.  It could be food-based, object-based, conversation-based, research-based, etc.  The artist(s) would receive a bounty of beautiful and delicious vegetables in exchange for their engagement with the farm.  As far as I was concerned, this sort of deal was what dreams are made of! 

I jumped at the chance to propose a project.  Inspired by seeing the farm journals of my Grandpa & Great Grandpa I proposed collaborating with Danny to produce an illustrated version of his farm journal.  He sent me his notes throughout the season and I selected entries I thought would give insight into the goings on at the farm for the CSA members.  Because I have been given a porthole into the history of my own family through the farm journals of my ancestors, I also was especially interested in documenting moments during this season that would mark a very specific time in the life of this young farm and the people and family who were working hard to help it grow.  I am excited to report that we are continuing this tradition for a fourth season!

Scroll down to see the Illustrated Farm Journal entries full size or click on the thumbnails below to get a smaller peek at them:

October 28, 2013
October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

October 29, 2013

October 29, 2013

October 30, 2013

October 30, 2013

November 7, 2013

November 7, 2013

November 16, 2013

November 16, 2013

November 20, 2013

November 20, 2013

November 28, 2013

December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013

January 31, 2014

January 31, 2014


Feast And Famine

Friday, March 21st, 2014

This project was organized by Michelle Swinehart at The Portland Art Museum.  It was inspired by a current print show called Feast and Famine featuring works depicting people and food - from fields to tables starting in the 1800s up to the present.  The idea for this dinner project was to bring small groups together (two sittings of around 20 people) and share a small meal made from potatoes.  A chef prepared two courses using potatoes as the main ingredient - one inspired by Feast and another by Famine.  Folks from Merit Badge were mixing a potato-based cocktail.  In addition to the curator from the print show, there were also local potato farmers in attendance to talk about raising potatoes and answer questions.  Together the groups discussed food as a source for sustenance and opulence, greed and loneliness, conversation and revolution.

Michelle invited me to take excerpts from interviews she had conducted with local potato farmers and create an illustration to go along with hand-lettered quotes.  This artwork was later risograph printed by Jason Sturgill and placed at each table setting along with placemats he designed and printed.  Here is the print of my artwork and some photos from that night taken by Jason & Sarah Sturgill.


Spiritual America

By Arjan Miranda

I was invited by Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown to join her band of drawing ghosts along with Elena Stonaker and Stacey Rozich in a music video for my friend and collaborator Arjan Miranda.  The video was directed by Sam Macon and shot by Travis Auclair with animation by Dave Kiehl.  It was such a great experience meeting and working with all of these fiercely creative humans.  

Click HERE to learn more about The Wild Unknown.

Click HERE to read the article about this video on Paste Magazine.

You can watch the full video HERE.


Edible Portland Magazine

November / December 2016

November / December 2016

Final Course: A Great Place to Put Jerusalem Artichokes


Written by Margarett Waterbury

Creative Director: Nolan Calisch

Illustration: Lori Damiano

Jerusalem artichokesSM.png

I was commissioned to make this map of the Downtown Proper (#downtownproper) shopping zone in Portland, Oregon.  It is printed on postcards and available at these shops and businesses:


I was commissioned to create this artwork for a very special record store, The Searchers.  In celebration of Record Store Day they printed these tote bags and posters.

The tote bags are available for purchase HERE.


Album Art by Lori Damiano 

Art Direction by Thomas Campbell



Art for apparel


curated by Mike Aho

Derek's House of Sweater Vests for Volcomics #1

Can't See The Forest For The Trees for Volcomics #2



A film written and directed by David Fenster
starring David Nordstrom, Paul Fenster, Christi Idavoy & Dietmar Franosch

Poster by Lori Damiano

Pincus Finster is in way over his head: trying to find a way to stall his father’s Parkinson’s, halfheartedly taking up yoga to meet girls, and letting his only friend, Dietmar, an aging German illegal alien, get drunk and sleep in the homes they’re supposed to be remodeling. Pincus spends his time stoned and fumbling for some sort of spiritual truth. Seamlessly combining naturalistic storytelling with documentary elements and hints of metaphysic mystery, Pincus is a soulfully handcrafted film that explores the gulf between cynicism and wonder with quiet revelation.