Makers Common Mural

Photo by Patricia Chang from SF Eater article

Mural Details

*The below text is from the Maker's Common website:

What is Maker's Common?

Maker's Common is a market and eatery in downtown Berkeley brought to you by the folks of Mission Cheese. It is a place to gather, enjoy, and celebrate the abundance of American craft goods — cheese, charcuterie, beer, wine, and more — and the people that make them.

The MARKET is domestically stocked and old-world inspired. With a cut-to-order cheese and charcuterie counter and a thoughtful assortment of groceries, it’s perfect for a simple meal or a dreamy picnic.

The EATERY is a casual neighborhood gathering place that features some favorites from Mission Cheese plus fun new salads and sides and a family-style dinner option. Pop by for a quick bite, or cozy up a while with our eight tap beers and delightful wine selection. Lastly...we’re serving up weekend brunch!

It's All About the Makers

Our guiding mission is to build connections with the people who make our food, educate our customers about where their food comes from, and help small producers thrive. It's our goal to take care of the customer-facing part of their job, making sure good American products find caring, educated consumers, so those makers can focus on what they do best: create deliciousness! We work with farmers and makers that care for their land and animals with extreme passion, to ensure that the environment and the economics of their industry remain healthy and productive for generations to come.

Built by Community

Maker’s Common is the first investment crowdfunded public eatery in the Bay Area, having raised $532,000 from 165 California investors via a Direct Public Offering. We chose this fundraising route because, as food and community are connected, we believe that finance and community should be deeply interconnected too. We are so proud of our investors for their courage to invest differently, to invest locally.