An Ecotopian Lexicon is being released next week!

I am so excited to announce that I have an illustration in ‘An Ecotopian Lexicon’ which is coming out next week!

Here is more info about the book from the official website:

“If another world is possible, as activists and scholars frequently assert, what might it look, taste, and feel like? An Ecotopian Lexicon presents a kaleidoscopic window into the ecological multiverse: not what is, but what could or even should be. 

Each of thirty suggested loanwords—drawn from other languages, speculative fiction, and subcultures of resistance—helps us imagine how to adapt and even flourish in the face of climate change and the socio-ecological adversity that characterizes the present moment and the future that awaits. From Apocalypso to Qi, ~*~ to Total Liberation, thirty authors assemble a lexicon that expands the limited and limiting European and North American conceptual lexicon that many activists, educators, scholars, and citizens have inherited. 

Language can only take us so far, of course. To add an additional imaginative layer, we challenged fourteen artists from eleven countries to respond to selected entries with original artwork.  The result is a transmedia conversation between the originary author, culture, or subculture; a critical thinker; and an artist. These images can be found in full color in the book, and are available online for purchase as T-shirts, tote bags, and stickers. 

An Ecotopian Lexicon is edited by Matthew Schneider-Mayerson and Brent Ryan Bellamy, with a foreword by Kim Stanley Robinson.

It is available for purchase from the University of Minnesota Press as well as Amazon and other booksellers. All proceeds go toward a fund to support creative political and cultural interventions focused on climate justice.”

This website contains information about the book, the artwork, and the editors and contributors. You can also check out and order merchandise and see our teaching guide for suggestions for incorporating the book into your classroom.

Animation Workshop at the IPRC

I am teaching an Intro to Hand-Drawn Animation Workshop for Artists at the Independent Publishing Resource Center.

Part 1 will be on Sunday August 4 from 3-6pm

Part 2 will take place on Sunday September 1 from 3-6pm.

This workshop is a quick-start guide for artists that want to learn how to move their art in time. Participants will learn basic animation principals, traditional hand-drawn 2D animation techniques and tips for creating an affordable home animation studio. During this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to create 2 small animation projects.

To save your spot in this class please follow this link: