Filmed By Bike Film Festival

2017 Festival Trailer Character Designs

The first time I worked with Filmed By Bike was in 2017 when I was asked by Director Randy Wakerlin to create cyclist character designs for an animation / live action hybrid festival trailer. Randy animated my drawings in After Effects and then took them for rides around Portland, Oregon. He did this by setting up a projector in a van and projecting the animation onto bridges, walls, and buildings as he filmed the projected images interacting with real Portland spaces. You can watch the result of his magnificent efforts below. These characters were also used by the festival as designs for temporary tattoos. They later made an appearance as part of the 2018 Winter Light Festival in Portland, OR.

Filmed by Bike features the world's best bike movies with a huge film festival in Portland every May, then these movie collections go on tour worldwide.


Filmed By Bike 2019 Poster Design

I was invited by Festival Director, Ayleen Crotty to design the 2019 Festival Poster. I absolutely loved what they decided to do with the characters in this poster. They cast friends and family to play cycling super heroes inspired by each character from the poster in a live action skit to create the 2019 Festival Trailer. Scroll down to watch one of these characters come to life in a segment of the trailer.