Bonnie Prince Billy

I was ferociously honored to be invited by Will Oldham to paint the frontispiece for this collection of his lyrics “Songs of Love and Horror”. This book was published in 2019 by W.W. Norton & Co. I also created the artwork that appears on the back cover of the album by the same name. The album is available for purchase HERE.

Songs of Love and Horror Frontispiece

Cold + Wet

Drag City Records

Album Art - Front & Back Covers

Hand Lettering by Will Oldham

Lie Down In The Light

Drag City Records

Poster Art 

Hand lettering by Will Oldham

The Letting Go

Poster & Tour T-Shirt

Poster printed by Tiny Pine Press

Ask Forgiveness

Drag City Records

I created the CD / record artwork and the ornamental border for the EP cover.  The portrait of BPB was done by Tim Still.  Hand lettering and Art Direction by Will Oldham.

I also drew the image on the EP promo poster.  Hand lettering by Will Oldham.